Saturday, December 19, 2009

..::RaNdOm PiCs::..

So things have been kinda busy lately and i have neglected my blog!! So i am going to try to make up for it a little bit!! : ) We have had a great fall! The boys are growing like crazy and amaze me everyday with the new things they have learned!! I can't believe that its already Christmas time...but ready or not!!! I hope that everyone has a safe and happy holiday!!

"Sunday Funday!"

Last Sunday the Sam, Broc, Lexie and Deegan came with us to "Sunday Funday" was at my friends Tena's gym and we all had a blast!! I was soo happy they came and got to meet some of my new friends! The kids had SO much fun running around the gym and jumping in the foam pit! I could barely keep Connor out of it!! At one point i was sure he was sleeping in there!! lol!

Connor LOVED the foam pit!! Connor and Mommy in the pit

We had an awesome Halloween! The boys went with their dad for Halloween day so i got to take them trick or treating early!! We went with Broc and Sam and their kids and it was alot of fun! The boys got SO much candy and got to see lots of family!! Seth thought it was so cool cuz he got to go tick or treating twice!! : )

Seth (Optimus Prime), Deegan (monkey),
Lexie (Cinderella) & Connor (Woody)

Playin' in the leaves....

Lexie and Seth...and Seth is giving the peace sign... Connor jumping in the leaves!!
it kinda looks like something else!! lol!! ; )